Odom Cover Photo
Odom Cover Photo


Any time is a bad time to be monopolistic on the web. A good web technology must be as inclusive as possible.

There are countless web technologies and the number increases significantly by the day. When developers want to use a new technology, they usually have to throw away the tools they use to make room for it. Changing tools so often and drastically gets in the way of growth of developers. Publishers of UI components, themes and plugins usually have to rewrite code to create new products that are compatible with the new technology.

Moreover, web standards are exponentially…

Designed by Mishieck Mwale.


When developing a signup page, there are a couple of things to consider. On the design sign side, the user must easily figure out what information to enter in each field. If the information must be in a particular format, it is best to give the user a hint on what they are expected to do. On the form handling side, validation ensures that the form is not sent to the server with invalid information. The user can be notified of the validity of the information either while entering or upon submission. …

Mishieck Mwale

A software developer, graphics designer and open source contributor (JavaScript/TypeScript).

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